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I’m not dead yet!

Although it would be hard to tell given the silence around here lately.  Life got a bit chaotic for awhile there, and while it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down (in fact, it’s probably only going to get crazier with school starting), I’m slowly but surely feeling ready to start posting again.

Let me tell you the story.  No, it’s too long, let me sum up:

  • Our newest kitty is no longer our newest kitty.  Three weeks after we found her, her jerky “owner” claimed her.  He answered all of our trick questions correctly, so we had to give her back.  Until this week, she still visited us regularly, she’s still unspayed (even though the dude took my FoA certificate without bothering to offer to reimburse me for it like he said he would).  So, yeah.  I am turning into a bitter cat lady.  Luckily, I think Zoe is off to live with her mom, who I hope is more responsible.  I do miss the talkative little cat though.
  • We had an adventurous time in Wisconsin.  My (not so) little brother got married in a beautiful ceremony, we visited with Apparent Dip’s extended family, and then Apparent Dip and I visited our college campus.  It’s the first time I’d been back to campus in 8 years or so, and it was weird.  Fun, but definitely weird.  It was the same feeling I got when I went back to my elementary school as an adult and realizing how very little those chairs and desk were.
  • I will be teaching!  For the very first time!!  ON MONDAY!!!!!  Sorry for the barrage of exclamation points.  I just finished my very first syllabus ever and I’m freaking out a bit.  I’ve spent the last two weeks in orientation, and I almost forgot that the reason I’m here in the first place is because I’m a grad student in English (not a writing instructor).  This teaching thing threatens to become a bit like the blob: it just might consume me (although, as far as I know, it doesn’t cover you in slime–but ask me again on Monday).  I’m looking forward to the English department BBQ tonight where I can drink my sorrows away and put on my disaffected hat for a while (not to mention my funky glasses).  Actually, only a few people in my department are affectedly tormented.  The rest of us are normal-ish (although funky glasses are practically a requirement).
  • I got a new haircut two weeks ago.  I wanted a pretty drastic change.  So far, every single person who has taken a class with me in the last year and a half (including the faculty) has not recognized me.  I call that a successful haircut!  It’s truthfully the best cut I’ve ever had.  Note: always look for salon-slash-sake bars when making hair appointments from now on–even if the cut is abysmal, you’ll be too happy with your sake bloody mary to notice.