The newest member of the menagerie

Because it’s Friday, and apparently crazy cat ladies* post pictures of cats on Fridays, I’ve decided to join the club! Without further ado, I present the newest member of our menagerie (although if her parents contact us, we’ll have to say goodbye, which is going to be VERY difficult for me).

This is Zoe. We found her on our porch on Wednesday. After a long night (only two hours of sleep for me), much caterwauling, and a vet visit, Zoe is now free to roam about the house and, as you can see, help me review for the GRE subject test. I’m a sucker for torties, and she’s a very sweet little cat. She’s also VERY helpful:

Apparently she thinks the GREs are a waste of time and boring to boot. Although they do make nice pillows.

*note: I don’t think of them in this way, but several people have determined that I am, indeed, a crazy cat lady, so I figure I might as well own it!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Awww, she’s a sweetheart! I wanna scratch her behind the ears so bad I can’t see straight.


  2. Awww!

    Crazy cat ladies (with lots of books) unite!!


  3. Aw. I love her. Love her. I hope you get to keep her.


  4. Hi Everyone: It looks like we’re keeping her! She’s all mine!


  5. Zoe is very pretty! And she is lucky to find a nice, new home. My mom once had a cat that looked very similar–I think her markings are lovely.


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