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The newest member of the menagerie

Because it’s Friday, and apparently crazy cat ladies* post pictures of cats on Fridays, I’ve decided to join the club! Without further ado, I present the newest member of our menagerie (although if her parents contact us, we’ll have to say goodbye, which is going to be VERY difficult for me).

This is Zoe. We found her on our porch on Wednesday. After a long night (only two hours of sleep for me), much caterwauling, and a vet visit, Zoe is now free to roam about the house and, as you can see, help me review for the GRE subject test. I’m a sucker for torties, and she’s a very sweet little cat. She’s also VERY helpful:

Apparently she thinks the GREs are a waste of time and boring to boot. Although they do make nice pillows.

*note: I don’t think of them in this way, but several people have determined that I am, indeed, a crazy cat lady, so I figure I might as well own it!



Note: when you read the title to this post, imagine John Stewart doing his Queen Elizabeth impersonation (something Apparent Dip threatened to do in England every time we met someone).

My brain is too scattered to make much sense today, so bullets it is!

  • Just thought I would stop in and say hi!  I realize it’s been a while, but boy-howdy, how time does fly when I actually attempt to get some work done.  I’m actually reading articles!  And revising my seminar paper draft!  And creating bibliographies!  Oh my!
  • In other news, I had surgery last week and I’m almost back to normal.  I have bruises all over my abdomen, and I think my belly button was somewhat insulted by the procedure, but all is well!
  • I have apparently had too much caffeine this morning, as the exclamation points are threatening to take over (if they haven’t already done so).
  • As of today, I only have two weeks left at my job before I can declare with pride that I am no longer a wannabe grad student but an actual grad student (ok, perhaps pride is a bit of a reach, but it sure beats the pants off of what I do now!  Damn, another pesky exclamation mark).
  • I have been reading fun books as well.  I’m continuing to enjoy the Paul Scott novel from my last post, and I also have a slew of non-fiction books in the ever-increasing pile o’ doom at the side of my bed.  Diarmid MacCullough’s The Reformation: A History, is, well, a history of the religious turmoil of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  It’s extremely well-written and engaging and in a surprising move, it dovetails nicely with Arthur Herman’s How the Scots Invented the Modern World (which I might leave behind in favor of T. M. Devine’s The Scottish Nation).
  • I have discovered an alternative career path if the whole grad school-leads-to-a-bajillion-years-on-the-job-market path doesn’t work out: I need to become a product/software tester for magazines like MacLife.  Seriously…I think I own every word processing, bibliographic, productivity tool/program known to man.
  • I owe Emily a meme response, and I do believe I’ll get to it before hell freezes over, but I have decided that one of the reasons I’m actually being productive in my work life is because I’m not procrastinating as much on the blog.  So so sad.  Before you know it, I’ll actually be writing papers weeks before the day they’re due instead of the night before!  What is the world coming to?

See?  Told you I was random/boring today.  I’m going to blame the anesthesia…