What I learned on my blogging vacation

  • I have no patience–seriously, I had envisioned a long, long time away from the blog. The result? A frickin’ week (unless you count my trip to Europe and then it’s something like two-three weeks).
  • I still need to find some sort of balance between writing on the blog and writing for work. I do believe my work suffered last semester because I spent way too much time writing/reading blogs. No more! I’m going to go for one post a week I think (I know, I know, that’s the rate I was writing at last semester as well, BUT, this time I vow to write once a week and not feel guilty if I don’t write any more than that).
  • I have a problem with guilt. Oh wait, that’s nothing new. What do you expect when I come from a Catholic-Jewish background? It’s like a doubly-potent-guilt-trip laser beam is constantly aimed at me. Oy.
  • For a while I tried to figure out what kind of blog I was writing. It’s not really a book blog. It’s not really an academic blog. Oh wait! The answer’s in my blog name: Loose Baggy Monster. I’m not a fan of Tolstoy for nothing!
  • I have no patience. Thought it was worth repeating.

Anyhoo, I think I’m back, and coming up will be a post with pictures! of London! and Paris! and the books I bought while I was there!


8 responses to this post.

  1. What about the pictures of knitting? And cupcakes? I distinctly remember being promised knitting and cupcake pictures!

    No? Maybe I’m crazy.

    I hear you on the futzing around on the internet (which is a Scrabulous word btw —- crazy!); I think that as soon as the end-of-year parties die down I’m putting myself on a schedule and maybe doing a timer thing with blogreading.


  2. LOL, welcome back! And bring on the London pics!


  3. glad you are back, lol! Not to toot my own horn, but that’s why I like the name of my blog so much – I’m an everythinginbetween kind of poster….


  4. Well, I, for one, am very glad you have no patience.


  5. Sisyphus: You’re right, I did promise pictures of knitting! And I’ll probably be baking cupcakes this weekend for Apparent Dip’s birthday, so I’ll try to take some pics of those too. For now I’m blaming my lack of follow-through on poor lighting. Yeah, that’s it. Poor lighting is the reason I haven’t taken/posted pictures…

    Andi: Thanks!

    Courtney: I know what you mean–sometimes I think my blog should have been named “everything except the kitchen sink” because that’s what it has turned into.

    Emily: Now if only everyone in my family could feel the same way…


  6. Posted by Queen Mother on June 17, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    Welcome back. I love reading your blog but I do understand how you can become addicted to the point of not focusing on other items that are equally important.


  7. Part of what makes reading blogs so fun is the variety of material, though. I don’t think it’s that important to have a single focus–have a group of things you do and you have a lot more leeway to be creative, reflective, et cetera.

    Having a post/reading schedule does seem like a pretty good idea, though. It can be pretty easy to blow several hours at a time online.


  8. Queen Mother: Thanks!

    J.D.: It is definitely too easy for me to spend time online…but I agree wholeheartedly about the variety of material. Besides, I don’t think I could focus if I tried (one reason I can’t seem to settle on a ph.d. program!).


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