Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

…is to help me procrastinate! See, it’s crunch time in paper-writing-ville, which means 1) there is nothing interesting happening in my life (not like there really ever is, but it’s worse than usual right now) and 2) I don’t want to write the papers that are the cause of nothing interesting happening in my life. So how about some random/weird facts about me?

  • I used to be on the dance team in high school. That’s right, I once wore a cheerleader-like uniform and danced during half-time at football and basketball games. We were officially known as a “dance and drill team,” but there were no drills to speak of…unless you count the fact that attending practices for said team was akin to the pain of sitting in a dentist’s chair with a cavity. Given my Russian classical ballet training, I was a dance snob, and I was used to working really hard during rehearsals and class. The dance and drill team practices were another world: it was like herding cats, but less organized. Fun fact: at my Wisconsin high school, when the basketball games ended, the gym floor would fill up with people in the crowd who would all dance to the beer barrel polka. Good times!
  • I twiddle my thumbs. I didn’t realize I did this (or that anyone really did this) until Apparent Dip caught me. Now I notice it all the time…
  • I’ve played some interesting instruments in my life. The piano will always be my first love, but I’ve dabbled with other instruments as well. In middle school I desperately wanted to play the flute, so I took up with…the oboe. Yeah, not sure how that one came about. I had braces at the time, and I can tell you (and Queen Mother can back me up on this one), playing the oboe with braces is not a good idea. I can only describe the sounds I made as something along the lines of a dying-cow-simultaneously-giving-birth. It.was.bad. That did not stop me from trying to teach myself to play the violin years later. I think this might be one of those times when the short temporal duration of my renaissance-woman dabbling is a blessing. I have also been known to play the hammered dulcimer. Next up: the accordion.
  • My OCD tendencies really come out to play when I eat. Some examples: when eating a bag of M&Ms, I separate all of the candies by color. I then proceed to eat them from least to greatest. Sometimes I start on the other end of the spectrum, and when I’m feeling really crazy, I might go by odds/evens. When eating Lucky Charms cereal (which I haven’t for years, sadly), I would leave all of the marshmallows until the end. I would then proceed to eat them in order of least to greatest. Peanut butter cups, swiss cake rolls, vegetable-tofu stir-fries…they all have a ritual involved with eating them. As a result:
  • I’m not afraid to take risks with my personal appearance. When I was in the field for my geology major, I essentially spent an entire summer camping in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Oregon. After the first ten days without a shower, I decided that hair was overrated. The group I was with stopped at a hotel one night (we were ready to mutiny when we arrived at a campground in the middle of a thunderstorm to discover that the showering facilities were broken) and Apparent Dip, with the aid of a trusty beard trimmer, shaved my head for me. I have fine hair, but a lot of it.  The beard trimmer took a while, but I ended up loving it. I felt so free!  However, walking around logging country in Oregon as a woman with a shaved head in an Earth First! t-shirt was probably not the smartest thing I ever did.
  • For a while in college and the years immediately following, I couldn’t donate blood because of various piercings and tattoos. I’ve had my nose pierced five different times (I kept having to take it out for various reasons and it closed up too quickly). Apparent Dip went with me once to get my nose pierced and he learned a valuable lesson: if you have a queasy stomach, DO NOT look at photo albums in a piercing/tattoo parlor. I no longer have my piercings, but I’m seriously considering another tattoo this summer.

Ok, time for me to get my no-longer pierced nose to the grindstone yet again. Oh, and as a follow up to the last post: the blisters have healed, I can walk again, and I think I seriously drove up the stock price for triple-antiobiotic ointment!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Whew, I’m so glad someone else has done the multiple piercing thing. I haven’t been able to give blood in ages. And I was the mascot, so I didn’t wear a skirt but I was ALWAYS at basketeball games.



  2. I eat m and ms AND lucky charms the exact same way. Ah, the loveliness of a mouthful of marshmallow! I really hate that I am too old for those cereals, in all honestly. Now the real question is, do you unroll the swiss cake rolls to eat them? Because if so then that’s just scary.


  3. Andi: I love mascots! And yeah, I did multiple piercings. I also had my belly button pierced, but that one didn’t work out so well…


  4. Courtney: I totally unroll the swiss cake rolls! But first I peel off all of the chocolate, bite the two ends off and then slowly unroll it and eat it the cake part in sections. 😉


  5. Posted by Queen Mother on April 30, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    For those who do not believe the dying cow giving birth – trust me we would have been better off putting the poor animal out of its misery early in the oboe lessons. However she soon realized that nothing even resembling music was coming out of the other end of the horn and soon gave it up. The good news is that she is really quite talented musically – puts me to shame on the dulcimer and the piano. But then as Queen Mother I would much rather be entertained than attempt to entertain. I love your writing and you make me smile – keep up the good work – now write those papers – that is an order.


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