Random Bullets of Tuesday

  • I apologize for the sporadic blog posts lately. It’s crunch time in my semester. I really need to get my papers written in the next two weeks and then revise them…and that might mean fewer posts. It doesn’t help that one of my research topics decided to explode over the weekend, so I’m frantically trying to pick up the pieces and patch something together without sounding too idiotic.
  • The weekend of rearranging is sort of over. We patched walls, we painted, we moved 500 + books around, and I threw my back out. Good times. Now all that’s left is the last dregs of cleaning/sorting. Overall, the change is great. I have an office! With a reading chair!
  • We received an interesting promotional DVD in the mail from the Axe body spray/cologne people (their marketing scheme seems to be centered around the idea that beautiful women will totally fall for stinky boys if the boys just use this body spray. Hmmmm. It’s rather questionable. I’m trying to figure out how to blog about it).
  • That’s all for now. Sorry for the boring post, but I need to get these papers out of my head! I know I have some unanswered comments as well…I’ll get to those soon, I hope. For those of you who are interested in geology, I recommend checking out Apparent Dip’s latest posts!

One response to this post.

  1. LOL re: the Axe campaign. My boy uses the body wash, so maybe it works.


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