I apologize for the rather dry content…

…but changes are afoot chez Loose Baggy Monster.  This always happens.  Apparent Dip and I move into an apartment and we set things according to the oh-so-carefully-thought-through plans we made re: the layout.

And then, seven months later, we change everything around.

This is the first apartment we’ve been in for quite some time that we want to stay in (and we’ve collectively had 11 apartments in the last 9 years, so that’s no small feat).  We’ve repainted the living room and the dining room, and now, because spring is here, we’re on to the next phase.  A phase that requires us to repaint the tv room and turn it into my own library/office (the tv is going out in the living room after all.  We wanted to keep that as a reading room, but because the upstairs neighbors’ tv is loud, we don’t sit there as often as we like.  Now we can engage in dueling tv noise competitions.)  It’s a phase that will take both weekend days (and then some) to accomplish.  And it’s a phase that requires me to take ALL of the books out of my large bookcase so we can move it into my new space.  Which in turn means that I will take all of my books in the entire apartment down and reorganize them because I am obsessive-compulsive about things like that.  I tried, I really tried to play fast and loose with my book organizing, but it doesn’t work for me.  In my newest bookcase I mixed genres, disregarded alphabetization, and let Dickens cozy up with Foucault.  But it feels rather unsettled.  Would it be going to far to organize my shelves according to the Library of Congress numbering system?  I mean, after all, it would be rather interesting to see which sections have the best representation on my own shelves–my guess is that the PRs and PSs will win out, although DS (Jewish studies) might have a go.  Think of the procrastination possibilities!

2 responses to this post.

  1. LOL, I love it when other obsessive book nerds talk about organization. It makes me feel so cozy and at home. 🙂


  2. Andi: I do so love thinking about organization–the real thing is never as satisfying as that expectation…the organized shelves…it’s a thing of beauty (when it’s in my head). 😉


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