It MUST be Spring

How do I know this? Because I have super-duper scientific evidence and mathematical equation-like-thingies for proof, that’s why:

  • I cleaned! I actually (with no prompting from Apparent Dip) cleaned up the backlog of books around the dining room table (my research area) and the tv room (my other research area). Now all that’s left is the pile o’ doom on the couch in the living room (my third research area). But I cleaned! Me cleaning = pigs can fly = spring.
  • I got my hair cut. It’s been six months or so since I last went in. Not pretty. I wanted something funky to go with my super cute glasses. I finally had some length to play with so I wanted to get a pretty severe A-line cut where it was almost short-ish in back. What did I get? Well, she went drastic in another way: she cut the front way too short and the A-line is barely noticeable. In two weeks I’ll have a blunt-cut bob. Argh. Oh well: bouncy new ‘do = spring.
  • I’m making plans to start running. I have to buy a knee brace for the PCL-missing knee, but I really, really need to get running. My brother is getting married in August, and I would like to look better for that. Plus, when I say that I used to be a ballet dancer, I’m tired of getting looks from people along the lines of: “What, like the hippos in Fantasia?” Desire to exercise = spring.
  • I actually like the sunshine. When I lived in California I used to joke that I had reverse SAD. Sunshine depressed me. Wake up? It was sunny. Middle of the day? It was sunny. B.O.R.I.N.G. I’m a midwestern girl, so I missed the crapshoot kind of weather–it was like a choose-your-own-adventure thing where you had absolutely no choice. The possibilities were endless. Plus, being a pale redhead, I have generally avoided sunshine at all costs. But now, now I deliberately walk on the sunny side of the street–I need that vitamin D. Sarah seeking out the sunshine = spring.

So, as you can see, despite the fact that the weather is only grudgingly breaking out of the thirties (and then for only about an hour a day), I have willed spring into existence. It’s here all right. Or else.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Hehe-this made me smile. 🙂 Boo to hair stylists who don’t listen-I had the same problem last time I went in! And now I’m in the looong, tedious process of growing out a pixie cut (in the stylist’s defense, I wanted it short, just cut differently). *sigh*


  2. I’m in the same boat in soooo many ways. I cleaned out our extra bedroom which is slowly-but-surely becoming my office. What a chore. Dear God, it was harrowing, but I conquered.

    I’m also making plans to get my hair cut soon, and I like sunshine lately (totally new thing for me).

    Yay Spring!


  3. Eva: Isn’t it annoying when stylists refuse to acknowledge that you might know what you want with your hair? I’ve decided that long-haired hairstylists don’t always seem as willing to go drastic. Little do they know that I’ve experimented by shaving my head in the past…I’m not fazed by crazy haircuts! 🙂

    Andi: Spring can’t come soon enough! Although, if it happens to arrive without any more cleaning bursts, I wouldn’t mind… 😉


  4. Yes! It IS spring. Earthworms are creeping in through the crack in my front door, which means that winter is over. Mostly.


  5. Yes, it IS spring. I’m refusing to wear gloves, even though it’s about 30 degrees and the wind is blowing like crazy in Boston and tomorow I’m headed up further north, where they had three inches of snow fall yesterday. But, no gloves and no winter hat mean it’s spring (hmmm…maybe that means it’s spring all winter long in the part of PA where I live!).


  6. I refused to accept winter any longer beginning this weekend, when I started wearing cute spring shirts and ballet flats without socks because IT IS TIME, DAMNIT! And baseball starts today too – also = spring.
    Good luck on the running – I actually GAVE UP running for the New Year but I have to say with spring in the air it does make me want to begin again..


  7. raych: Just after I wrote this post we got six inches of snow! 😦 But now it’s warmed up a bit, so I’m crossing my fingers!

    Emily: My stubborn refusal to wear a hat and gloves has landed me a cold–but I’ll bear it proudly if it means it’s spring!

    Courtney: I’ve been daring and not wearing my winter walking shoes into work every day…And we’ll see how long the running lasts. I’m working up to it gradually, but I might just be a lost cause! 🙂


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