An audible sigh of relief

I just received “unofficial” word this morning that I have been accepted to the M.A. program in English here and that I have been nominated for the fellowship in Judaic Studies (which is currently being discussed by the JS program).  Huzzah!  I’m on my way to earning an advanced degree in every subject known to man!

It will be very nice to be “in” the program next year–I’m kind of tired of introducing myself to people as the wannabe grad student.  Now if I can just convince them that it will only take me a year to finish…

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  1. Congratulations! Woohoo!!


  2. Congratulations!!


  3. Mazel Tov! Now when do you go to dental school?


  4. Posted by mother-in-law on February 5, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    good news.


  5. Yay!

    Does the Judaic Studies fellowship mean you’re going to be in yet another program? (cocks head confusedly)


  6. Congratulations! That’s wonderful.


  7. I’m just going to write a general comment to everyone: Thanks! I’m very excited that this came through. I hope the fellowship comes through as well, although if it doesn’t I think I get funding as a TA. However, I would lurve the Judaic Fellowship because it is a research assistant position to the chair of Judaic Studies, and it’s one that is awarded primarily to lit grad students, because the JS program is only an undergrad program. Works for me!


  8. Congrats! (Sorry this is so late…I forgot that you weren’t in my bloglines 😦 )


  9. Eva: Thanks! I just turned in my intent to enroll form for next semester–it’s a done deal (such a relief!).


  10. That is a relief. 🙂 I have to still do the FAFSA and hold out for some happy financial aid before I put my deposit down for grad school!


  11. Eva: ooh, I hate the FAFSA. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that financial aid comes your way! 😉


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