To Hell in a Handbasket

But at least I’m enjoying the ride! I don’t know what it is about this semester, but I feel like I’m ten steps behind on a good day (and actually, that’s probably me being overly optimistic). So, I give you some random Wednesday bullet points!

  • The “flavor” of coffee today at the student-run coffee place is “Buzz.” That’s not a flavor. That’s just a crap-load of caffeine. But hey, I’m not picky. One of my favorite coffee drinks is the one with coffee and a shot (or two) of espresso, so I’m not too worried about the warning I received at the coffee place (and we won’t go into the fact that I was rather annoyed they felt the need to warn me in the first place–nothing like making assumptions based on appearances! Although perhaps they were worried because of the way my eye was twitching? Just kidding).
  • I really enjoyed reading The Man of Mode by George Etherege. I haven’t had much experience in reading plays, but a Restoration drama about libertines is always a good time. And Sir Fopling is just what his name describes him to be: a fop. He’s a wannabe wit/libertine, whose vulgarity is overt rather than genteel.  Thus, he’s always good for a laugh.  I was actually quite amazed at how the characters practically jumped off the page–I could visualize the performances in my head.
  • One of my research projects has taken off! And in surprising new directions. Hello again, Edna Ferber! (It’s eerie how I come back to the same ideas…and rather sad. Sad, because that means I could have been dissertating right now if I would have stopped fighting things and just gone with the flow. Argh. But, it’s better to have learned this now, when I can do something about it and am able to acknowledge that I really do want to pursue this direction of research in the future, than to come upon this when it’s far too late).
  • My other research idea is still at the gate.  In fact, I think the plane might be missing.  Or, there’s a crack in its engine, and the flight crew is stuck in traffic.   But it’ll work itself out one day….I hope.
  • I had to make the walk of shame last night (not that walk of shame, get your mind out of the gutter).  I had to take back an armload of unread books to the library and confess to myself that I really should not check out any more in the next few weeks. But never fear, I have an entire stack of unread books from my shelves now piled up on my bedside table, taunting me.  (Oh, and one or two new books from the library might have attacked me and made their way home with me…it’s a blessing, and a curse).

Ok, time to go see if I can find a better basket for my ride…is it getting warm in here?


2 responses to this post.

  1. It really is all about enjoying the ride. As long as you don’t wind up with the covers pulled over your head at midday every day, I’d say you’re ahead of the game. Grad school always did that to me after several weeks into a new semester. Or at least I wanted to pull the covers over my head…rarely ever got to.


  2. Andi: I only manage to pull the covers over my head at night, but that’s largely because it’s so frickin cold in the house and we’re too cheap to turn the heat up any higher! 🙂 I figure that by the second week of February, everything will at least have settled into a routine…I hope.


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