Planet Earth Reading Challenge

170nbadge.jpgI broke down and joined another challenge. How could I resist? I mean, I’m married to a geologist and I was a geology major myself for two and a half years in college (I’m beginning to think that there wasn’t a subject that I didn’t major in at some point in my life). The challenge is being sponsored by Sylvia at Classical Bookworm (clickity-click on the image to get to the specific challenge post). Here are the rules in a nutshell (perhaps I should say geode, in keeping with the overall theme):

What I propose for this reading challenge is to read one book about each of these four parts of our planet, or two or three books on geology (since there are so many of them), and one on another topic.

The four parts of the planet are as follows:

  • Lithosphere: the rocky (and molten) part of our planet
  • Hydrosphere: the oceans and the water cycle
  • Biosphere: evolution and the global ecosystem
  • Atmosphere: our thin, blue blanket of air
  • Despite the fact that my head is in the clouds most of the time, I’ve decided to remain firmly planted on the earth–I’m choosing to read 3 geology-oriented books and one that Sylvia lists as part of the biosphere section. Here’s my tentative list of potential candidates (all given a thumbs-up by Apparent Dip):

    • A wildcard pick that might not be exactly in line with the requirements, but which sounds interesting is Excavating Victorians ~ Victoria Zimmerman. According to Amazon, it is a book that “examines nineteenth-century Britain’s reaction to the revelations about time and natural history provided by the new sciences of geology and archaeology.”
    • And if I’m feeling really ambitious, I might try to tackle The Age of the Earth ~ G. Brent Dalrymple

    So, in addition to Russian and French literature (and my three courses this semester), I will be shaking things up a bit and satisfying my craving for non-fiction with these earthy reads. Come join the party!

    5 responses to this post.

    1. “Excavating Victorians” sounds really interesting. I might have to check that one out!


    2. Sylvia: I’m really looking forward to it. It was just published, so I’m waiting for my school library to “process” it and get it on the shelf. I watch the “new arrivals” shelf like a hawk! 🙂


    3. I’m doing this one too! Of course, you have a home advantage with Apparent Dip. 🙂 That T. Rex book looks really good, but my library doesn’t have it. *sigh*


    4. Eva: I definitely like having a geologist on call! So glad that you’re doing this challenge too! 🙂 (I definitely need to cut back on the coffee–the exclamation points are getting out of hand).


    5. Hi again,

      Please note that my blog has moved, as has the Planet Earth Reading Challenge. It is now located at:

      Would you mind updating your links? Thanks! 🙂


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