And I’m back…again

Sorry once again about the unintentional blogging break. My parents were visiting for a week (we got to celebrate a second round of Christmas-ing which was fantastic) so blogging went on the back burner. It was a great visit–my parents (with Apparent Dip’s devious help) outdid themselves. Not only did I get an Ashford Joy spinning wheel (I made yarn! Soooo exciting!), but they also gave me a trip to London and Paris! LONDON AND PARIS!!!!!!! In May, Apparent Dip and I will be traveling across the pond. I can barely restrain myself! (Hence the overuse of exclamation points and all-caps). Of course, my first reaction was to run to my bookshelves to see what I have that needs to be read as background for the trip. And then there was the obligatory trip to the bookstore to get more guidebooks (because you can never have too many pretty pictures and descriptions of places to visit). I’m still in shock really, and can’t quite grasp the fact that this trip is happening–it’s not just an idea, the tickets are purchased and the hotels are booked.

This makes my decision to read more French literature this year rather prescient. I’m still devising a list of books that I want to read, so keep the suggestions coming (thanks already to Eva, Nessa, and Kate for some book ideas that I have promptly placed on the list). I’ve already read quite a bit o’ British fiction in my coursework, so that part of the trip is covered. I will, however, also be reading Peter Ackroyd’s London: The Biography. And perhaps I should finally get around to reading We’ll Always Have Paris: American Tourists in France since 1930 by Harvey Levenstein. And then there’s Paris: The Secret History by Andrew Hussey.

On another note, I have some posts in the works. I do plan on reviewing Chabon’s The Yiddish Policeman’s Union; I have joined another reading challenge even though I said I wasn’t going to (I’m a liar, but we all knew that…); and I will be creating a list of French books that I would like to read for my own personal challenge. In addition I have decided not to begin my year with a re-reading of War and Peace for the Russian Reading Challenge because, well, as much as I want to dive into the new translation, I feel I should start with something I haven’t read before. So, Dostoevsky’s Demons is once again in my bookbag. This time I will finish it! It’s part of my overall plan for 2008–I’ve decided to pick a theme for the year: completion. It’s time to clean up some of the unfinished clutter in my life. I need to complete some knitting projects, some spinning projects, and a whole pile of books and challenges. So, with that in mind, it’s time to get back to work and to get going on those posts in progress! Sorry for the rambling nature of the post, but I’ve had too much coffee this morning and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I get to travel this year (and that my winter break comes to an end in a few more days…).  Sigh.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Wow. I want your parents. How exciting!


  2. Wow — that’s great! You’ll have a wonderful time. Now I’m just a bit jealous 🙂


  3. Courtney and Dorothy: the excitement is overwhelming…I can barely restrain myself, and now, when the winter months bog me down, I can think of May! 🙂


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