So, I was taking a leisurely look over my book lists, and I discovered something disturbing: I only read 50 books in 2007 and most of those were for my courses. I have absolutely no idea what I did over the summer, but I sure didn’t pick up the reading slack. And I have no idea why I recently had to purchase a new bookcase if I wasn’t actually reading anything (oh that’s right, not reading as much as I would like doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t get attacked by random books in the bookstore!). So resolution #1 for 2008: read more than 50 books. (ETA: Hah!  I can’t count!  I read 51 books, mwa ha ha)
On the resolution front, now that the holidays are more or less over (although we have a second Christmas coming up when my parents come to visit later this week), it’s time to get to that age-old New Year’s resolution: eat healthier and exercise more. To that end, we went shopping today (argh, I hate malls) at a sporting goods store (argh, I hate sporting goods stores) and tested a couple of higher end treadmills. Do we have room for a treadmill? Not really. But if we don’t do something soon, we won’t have room for ourselves….ok, I exaggerate, but as we live in a region of frozen sidewalks that no one bothers to shovel, it makes more sense to work out indoors, and I refuse to join a gym because 1) I just don’t like them and 2) I’m a lazy person (hence the need to exercise more in the first place). If it isn’t relatively easy, I won’t do it. As the queen of rationalization, I can talk myself out of getting into the car and driving somewhere to work out. But I can walk. And if I can walk in the privacy of my home, even better. So a treadmill it is.

Oh, and all of those books that I wanted to take with me? There were a few surprise entries at the last minute, but in the end, I only had time to finish one book: The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by Michael Chabon. And I loved it. But I’ll try and review that next time, as it’s time to make some dinner, and we don’t want me to have bought a new treadmill for no reason, now do we?


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  1. Posted by Dark Orpheus on January 1, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Well, there’s always the option of yoga, which can be done at house without the need for expensive equipment.

    50 in a year is pretty good. There are people who read less than 5 books a year, so you’re already 10 times cooler than them.


  2. Well, you have 3 up on me. I would say that’s most impressive! I hope 2008 brings you all good reads and lots of other good stuff too.


  3. Dark Orpheus: I love yoga, but I really need to incorporate more cardio. And my cats make yoga an….um, interesting experience, as they think it’s great fun to lay down on the mat directly underneath me while I’m in downward dog. But I plan on increasing my time on the mat as well!

    Ted: Happy New Year! I’m just bummed that the majority of my reading came from course work. I would prefer it if I read more outside of my syllabi. And I’m really just chagrined to realize that I did NOTHING over my summer. Here’s to 2008!


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