Random bullets about me

This is my take on the 7-things meme that’s been going around. I haven’t been tagged, but it sounded like more fun than writing my papers, or writing blog posts about writing papers. So without further ado, I bring you some random bullets about moi!

  • When I was younger, I heard that cops made you recite the alphabet backwards if they thought you were driving under the influence. I didn’t think I could do this if I was sober, much less if I was three sheets to the wind. Though I never planned on being in this situation, I felt I should be prepared, so I recited the alphabet backwards to myself every night before I fell asleep.
  • Despite my preparedness for the above, I don’t actually drink that often. Thus, I am a lightweight. Nevertheless, when I do imbibe a few, Apparent Dip drives and tries to get me to drink water before bed, while I swear at him in other languages. Over the course of my life I have studied Spanish, German, French, Russian, and a key phrase in Hungarian. That’s a lot of swearing (I’m especially fond of the Hungarian phrase).
  • I tend to faint at inopportune times. I once passed out on an airplane. Apparent Dip was trying to get me back to the restrooms because I didn’t feel well, and the next thing I remember was waking up to several flight attendants hovering around me and an oxygen mask on my face. They let me keep the mask.
  • I am stubborn. Stubborn to the point of being utterly ridiculous. That saying “You’re as stubborn as a mule?” Well, it should be “You only wish you were as stubborn as Sarah over at Loose Baggy Monster!”
  • I am something of a medical mystery. Six years ago I was living in Palo Alto, CA and commuting to school in San Francisco every day. One day I made the drive home feeling rather ill. Within a few hours I was most definitely very ill. But, I had no insurance or money, Apparent Dip was away for the weekend (and we didn’t have cell phones at that time), and I was raised with a mentality along the lines of “don’t be a weakling, it’s probably not that bad, so just suck it up.” So, despite evidence to the contrary, I convinced myself it was just a stomach flu and it would eventually pass. It did. But it was actually appendicitis.
  • That’s right, my appendix had ruptured, or leaked or something, and I survived. Two years later, I became ill again. Horrible pain, fevers so bad that I sweat through all of my clothing, chills, etc. I wouldn’t go to the doctor until Apparent Dip had his mom (a pediatrician) call me and tell me to go to the emergency room. Based on the ultrasound, Apparent Dip declared that it looked like a giant hurricane had moved in off the coast of China in my midsection. Nine hours later, we still didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I discovered the joy of Vicodin when in extreme pain.
  • A few months later I was scheduled for “exploratory surgery.” The operation was to be about an hour and a half long. Four and a half hours later we finally discovered what was wrong with me (actually, Apparent Dip discovered what was wrong…I was still wrapped in a fog of anesthesia). My appendix had apparently ruptured, but my body created a sac to collect the poison, which they removed. My appendix, however, healed itself, and I still have it. Because we only pieced together what had happened ex post facto and it wasn’t on the list of potential outcomes for the surgery, it couldn’t be removed for insurance purposes. I’m rather attached to the little bugger and I’ve named it Fred.
  • The PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) in my left knee has been damaged/torn for the last 13 years. I tore it when I fell on my kneecap during a snowball fight during my first year in college. At the time I was also a dancer in our college’s dance company, so despite the fact that I couldn’t bend my leg, I performed on it a week later (I’m stubborn, remember?). Over the next 11 years every doctor I’ve had dismissed it as being inconsequential. Turns out I need surgery, but for right now, I’m just walking around with a torn PCL.
  • I cry very, very easily, except when I’m in physical pain. I cry at commercials on t.v. (no matter how many times I’ve seen them), chick flicks, and anything else that is remotely sentimental. I also had the bad habit of crying in front of my advisor in my old ph.d. program. I would go in feeling on top of the world and end up crying. No idea why. My main accomplishment in this new department/field, is that I haven’t cried in front of a professor yet.
  • I have a noticeable stripe in my right eye.
  • I’m a bit, um, competitive. Apparent Dip and I joke that I have more machismo in my little finger than he does in his entire body. Case in point: he once had the misfortune of being the ref in an intramural soccer league that I played in. He had to give me a yellow card for swearing at the other team. Example 2: I get so worked up while watching sports on t.v. that I have to leave the room. Example 3: When Apparent Dip used to play soccer in an indoor league in college during the off-season, I often got into verbal sparring matches with fans from the other team. This is why I restrict myself to activities that are largely based on competition with oneself…well, until March Madness/college basketball comes around that is. Then the gloves are off.
  • Despite the fact that I am a perfectionist with borderline OCD issues, I hate throwing away wrappers of any kind. When I knit, the ball bands remain littered about the house, and you can always tell when I’m the one cooking (or eating a candy bar).
  • In writing this list, it has become clear that without Apparent Dip I would either be dead or surrounded by wrappers, or possibly both.

11 responses to this post.

  1. Wow — that appendix story is pretty incredible! You were quite lucky nothing worse happened, weren’t you? Yikes. And I hope the PCL surgery isn’t too bad when the time comes.


  2. Oh, another march madness blogger/fan…I will try my hardest not to trash talk when the time comes.

    Your appendix story is absolutely incredible! I’m glad you are still with us to day to blog, appendix and all.


  3. Dorothy: I was extremely lucky–I still freak out about it to this day. And when it comes time for the PCL surgery, I’m looking at it as an excuse to get pampered! 🙂

    Courtney: Thanks! And I’m totally a March Madness fan. Feel free to trash talk…I know I’ll be driving Apparent Dip nuts when the time comes (I’ve beaten him every year!).


  4. Wow you are a medical mystery!!!


  5. Andi: My doctor even asked if she could use me as a case study in one of her round-tables. I’ve had my fill of mysteriousness, however. I’m ready to be a boring, healthy body now. 🙂


  6. I have to go with you on that competitive part. What’s worse is that I try to hide it, but I do a pretty poor job. I get distraught over being behind in boggle, and don’t ever play backgammon with me. I made a Duke fan move away from our section at the ACC soccer championships one year with my ranting–I’m kind of proud of that though. That burst appendix thing sounds terrible.


  7. Ian: I agree completely–trying to hide the competitive streak just makes it worse. That’s why I have to decline to participate in group sports altogether. I know I would try not to take it too seriously, but I would fail miserably. So I try to limit myself to the role of the “occasional belligerent fan” when asked to! 🙂


  8. Ouch! I’m so glad you got through those harrowing health experiences.

    SOMEBODY’s got to be competitive. Better you than somebody else. (Think about it…)



  9. Posted by Queen Mother on December 13, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    You failed to mention the other fainting episode when you were working part-time at the university where I was working and as I am busy handling telecom issues, one of our work-study students enters my office and says “oh, you know your daughter, well I think she just fainted.” No warning whatsoever to anyone – you just go down like a ton of bricks. Perhaps you are really not clumsy but someone who faints often?????


  10. I know I shouldn’t say this, but your post cracked me up. So glad you are okay despite the bad appendix!! I always thought you had to have it out when it burst, so the body can manage on its own after all (not that I’m about to try that). And I’ve never actually known anyone that has fainted. And here I thought that was something that you only found in novels. I’m a weeper too, though I try very hard not to do it in front of people. Even if a coworker tells me something nice her nices did, it brings tears to my eyes. This completely exasperates me, but I don’t know how to stop it!


  11. LK: I think I should try for the most competitive person award (ha, ha, ha). 🙂

    Queen Mother: I like to keep people on their toes, particularly when I’m not on mine! Oh, I crack myself up sometimes…

    Danielle: I’m glad it cracked you up! I figure that what happened to me was so ridiculous, the only way to cope is through humor. And it’s a good thing I can laugh at myself, because I’m apparently only able to cry uncontrollably in every other circumstance. I agree, it is rather exasperating! 🙂


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