So I’ve learned my lesson…

I will never, ever try to write on George Eliot again. I’m getting to the point where I feel like there’s nothing to say that either she or some other critic hasn’t said before (and much more eloquently at that).

Good news: I have a draft of a statement of bullshit purpose! Huzzah! Now I just have to write a Statement of Teaching Purpose and I’m ready to send in that application.

Bad news: I still haven’t started my seminar papers (see above). I’m reaching the delusional phase where I try to convince myself that a thesis statement really isn’t necessary…


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hooray on finishing a SOP!!!!!

    Wait, you have to write one for teaching too? What? Why?

    That sounds like rubbing salt in the wound, personally —- why not just wait until the job market side to deal with that pain?

    PS, Dave Barry has a column on writing something original about canonical works —- think “the great white whale is really a metaphor for the Republic of Ireland”


  2. Sisyphus: Yup a statement of teaching purpose–for the M.A.! I couldn’t believe it at first because most of the applicants will be B.A. students–how much teaching experience would they really have? I’m a little bitter about the whole thing. I had to write one for my ph.d. in history (for funding assignments), so hopefully I can just tweak that a bit.

    But at least I can commiserate with all of you on the job market in my own small way 🙂 I feel your pain!


  3. Ugg, teaching philosophies were always the bane of my existence. Ick! Good luck to ya. Sending lots of wishes for sanity.


  4. Andi: Thanks! I’m trying to remind myself that in a mere 10 days, this will all be a faint memory and I can start in on my vacation reading! 🙂


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