Always a kid at heart

I’m a little late the party, but I have to admit, I haven’t read much young adult literature. At all. Even as a young adult, I was too busy trying to prove to everyone that I was mature, so I lugged Tolstoy’s War and Peace around instead (I didn’t actually read it until college, but that didn’t prevent me from checking it out from the library repeatedly). But this is all about to change. Due to a rather strange confluence of events, my “fun” reading looks like it will largely be drawn from the YA section of the bookstore/library in the next few weeks or so. Why, you ask? (Well, even if you didn’t ask, I’m going to pretend you did anyway…..mwa ha ha, the power of the blog!).

I’ll be reading The Owl Service by Alan Garner for the next Slaves of Golconda selection (and this time I am determined to actually finish, come hell or high water! Or come snow/sleet–which is more likely given my geographical location). And for you Daniel Deronda fans out there, one of my professors recommended that I read The Tiger in the Well, the third book in the Sally Lockhart series by Philip Pullman. Mystery. Victorian setting. What’s not to like? My professor informed me that it is actually influenced by George Eliot’s philosophy in Daniel Deronda, but without the same spiritual overtones that imbue Eliot’s thinking (her husband was chatting recently with Pullman’s wife). And if I’m going to read #3 in the series, I have to read the rest, don’t I? (I can rationalize anything, I swear). And speaking of Pullman, I have never read the His Dark Materials trilogy (I know, I know, but like I said, I’m a little slow on the uptake, you know?), so that’s joining the queue as well. In fact, I had been planning on starting The Golden Compass this weekend when my professor mentioned the other books….that’s practically fate telling me what to read!

In addition, I have long wanted to read Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief. I have read so many reviews of it, that it’s about time to take the plunge. And I figure, with so many other YA books popping into view, why not add another? So, here’s the list o’ books in full that I want to attempt as the year comes to a close:

And now, because parenthetical asides are threatening to take over my little corner of the blogging empire, it’s time to get back to work (or at least pretend to do so)!


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  1. You have SUCH good reading ahead of you. My Master’s is in children’s/adolescent lit (not sure if you’ve been reading my blog long enough to have heard me gripe about my academic woes). It was a GREAT degree, I loved getting it, and I read a lot of YA lit that I didn’t read as a YA myself.

    His Dark Materials is a great series (I actually can’t bring myself to finish The Amber Spyglass because then it will be OVER). And The Book Thief is one of my all-time faves.



  2. I hadn’t read much YA before discovering book blogging since I was around eleven, but I did read Pullman’s Dark Material trilogy and loved it. In fact, I’m planning on rereading it soon-ish. I’ll have to look into the other series too!

    Now, I’m becoming somewhat addicted to YA lit, lol. Fortunately, my librarians aren’t the type to judge. 😉 Next week is Children’s Book Week, so I’m justifying the YA reading I want to do with that!


  3. Andi: I just finished The Ruby in the Smoke and loved it! I can’t wait to read the rest of my list.

    Eva: Funny you mention judgmental librarians–whenever I would check out War and Peace as a teen the librarian would tsk at me! And I highly recommend the Sally Lockhart series–it’s pulled me right in!


  4. Posted by Dark Orpheus on November 14, 2007 at 9:34 am

    I don’t usually read YA lit either – but when I finally read His Dark Materials last year – I couldn’t put it down. Nymeth is now reading some of his other books, and she’s getting me all curious about them.

    Good luck with the reading!


  5. Dark Orpheus: Thanks! I can’t wait for the semester to end so that I can dive into the His Dark Materials series guilt-free! I highly recommend other Pullman books though–they’ve been stealing all of my attention lately, it seems. 🙂


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