Quick update

Well, I’m back from my visit with the cutest nephew in the world (and his parents). And as Dorothy has pointed out on her blog, I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the weekend! I did no reading, so yesterday and today have been dominated by an attempt to catch up. I just might be able to, but it will mean postponing my gothic novel post until tomorrow (which I will then pretend was the plan all along, as it is suitable for Halloween).

On the reading front: I’ve finished Waverley by Walter Scott and quite enjoyed it, despite the fact that the main character was rather blah (although Georg Lukacs has a theory about why this is necessary–it ties into Scott’s conception of the need for some kind of translation when it comes to historical period–you need a character who can translate/mediate the past for the present audience and as a result, you don’t want a character who is too much of any one thing). But I love novels that grapple with how we conceive of and present history (or participate in myth-making), so Scott is right up my alley–even if it does take quite a bit of patience to make it through the first hundred pages or so!

In addition, I’ve been sidetracked by an overwhelming desire to abandon all of my daily course reading in favor of re-reading George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda.  I’m working on writing a paper about the novel for one of my courses, and I’m so excited about it that I have to remind myself that other work has to be finished along the way.  In addition, Susan at Pages Turned mentioned she was starting it only a day after I committed myself to the paper topic, and now we have something of a read-along!  I recommend checking out Pages Turned to see links to others who have been seduced by Eliot’s genius.  And please do join the fun.

Off I go to finish Great Expectations!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Look at you finishing all that reading! Go, go go!


  2. Sisyphus: And I even caught up from my weekend o’ reading freedom! I think hell must have frozen over.


  3. I really must get a copy of Waverly.


  4. Posted by Queen Mother on October 31, 2007 at 4:21 pm

    I have viewed the little Tyne and he is soooo cute. I, the Queen Mother, can now stay in touch with my new I touch,I pod. Also very cool. You cannot escape me now (cue witchly laughter)!


  5. Oh, yes, those first 100 pages! Ouch. I think I couldn’t forgive Scott after those pages.


  6. Emily: I also recommend Scott’s Rob Roy, if you haven’t read it. Although Scott’s use of dialect can be infuriating, it was a lot of fun.

    Queen Mother: Ooooh, new toys!

    Dorothy: I have a feeling that if I had been reading Waverley for “fun” rather than class, I wouldn’t have forgiven Scott either. But because I had course deadlines pushing me, I think it made it more bearable. I also find that I HAVE to underline (in pencil) when the going gets tough–it keeps me focused, even though I’d rather go make myself some tea and take a nap!


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