Sophia Tolstoy

Sorry again for an unplanned absence, but I came down with a fever on Tuesday and spent most of Wednesday sleeping on the couch with my cats (they were keeping an eye on me). But now I’m back and I wanted to share a book that I discovered while meandering through the bookstore the other day:


It’s a lovely book of Sophia Tolstoy’s photographs combined with excerpts from her diary and it offers a surprisingly intimate glimpse into the home life of one of the greatest novelists of all time. It practically jumped into my hands and I had to buy it. It reinvigorated my interest in reading The Diaries of Sophia Tolstoy that Apparent Dip bought me years ago on one of his used bookstore tours. And it just makes me that much more impatient for the Russian Reading Challenge!

Then I made my way into the history section and discovered that Harper Collins has re-released all three volumes of Aleksander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago.


It has to be a sign! (Yeah, a sign that I really shouldn’t go to bookstores for a while if I want to leave with my wallet reasonably intact…sigh).


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve been sick this week too. 😦 Exciting about The Gulag Archipelago, which is in my (massive) pool for the Russian Reading Challenge.


  2. Glad you had fun in the bookshop!
    I find the cover of the Solzhenitsyn quite funny. If you go into the Russian History section of my local bookshop it’s really noticeable that all of the book covers are black and red. All of them (mostly)! I just hadn’t realized it extended to fiction too!


  3. Becca: It’s funny, because you can really tell where my Russian history books are in my bookcases: it’s red, red, red! 🙂


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