Random Bullets for a Monday

I’m still recovering from the Green Bay Packers’ loss last night. I don’t follow many professional sports, but given the fact that I was born and raised in Wisconsin, only a short drive from the home of the Packers, it’s practically a requirement passed on in utero that I support the green and gold. And I do…except when they blow the fourth quarter to such an extent that the Chicago Bears end up winning. It doesn’t help that Apparent Dip is a Bears fan. At the end I couldn’t watch anymore and had to leave the room. Apparent Dip has suggested that I refrain from watching future games as well, as I get a bit worked up (I can swear a blue streak, and rather loudly–I mean, the louder I yell the more likely they’ll hear me through the tv right?). Argh.

In light of my ridiculous NFL-inspired crankiness, I can only manage some scattered, bulleted thoughts:

  • I had a spectacularly unproductive work weekend. But I’m hoping that Tuesday or Wednesday will see a joint review post of Matthew Lewis’s The Monk (which I am thoroughly enjoying), and Anne Radcliffe’s A Sicilian Romance for the R.I.P. II Challenge.
  • I have a paper to write tonight (just a short little essay really) and I need to start reading Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey as I have to lead discussion on it next week. I also need to start writing my paper on an American spy (my short research project). I know my readers don’t really care about these mundane details, but writing it up in a public forum means it’s real and that I actually committed myself to it.
  • I made a batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Brownies (the recipe can be found here). They turned out quite well. I never thought that pumpkin and chocolate would go well together, but they do (the pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes were another case in point).
  • Tonight, while procrastinating on the paper I need to write, I think I might whip up another batch of Chocolate Stout cupcakes and bring them in to class tomorrow. I always think better when I have chocolate and stout in my belly.
  • I will be posting a recent acquisitions list soon, I promise. I was attacked by a rather wonderful book in the bookstore the other night and I can’t wait to share it.
  • I changed the color of the blog (again) because I’m hoping a more autumnal look will convince the weather to change from crappy August-like conditions to more appropriate crisp, autumn-y weather. I can barely tolerate the summer heat during the regular summer months, much less in OCTOBER!

I’m off to drink my “sorrows” away (with V8, not alcohol) and to get some work done at last!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I like the new color — it’s cool that you can change the color without changing the entire template. And isn’t The Monk a lot of fun?!


  2. Awww-sorry to hear about your NFL sorrows. 😦 My parents are big Bills fans, so at the end of the game tonight they were quiet and downtrodden (so sad!). (in case you didn’t catch it, the Bills managed to lose in the last few seconds)

    I like the new colour as well. Good luck w/ your to-do list. I’m just counting down the days until I can buy that cupcake book-everything looks delicious!


  3. Dorothy: Thanks! I was glad to find a template that let me change things quite often. And The Monk was great fun (although discussing it in class was not, which was rather disappointing).

    Eva: I did see the last bit of the Bills game. Although not a Bills fan, I absolutely despise the Cowboys, so I feel for your parents. And do buy the cupcake book, everything I’ve made so far has turned out perfectly! 🙂


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