Because the world loves cupcakes…

Or should anyway.  I bring you my last three batches of cupcakes (all recipes drawn from the greatest cupcake book in the world: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World):


Chocolate Mint Cupcakes (the chocolate candies on the top did not fare so well in the refrigerator, but I think it’s because our fridge was set to arctic blast temperatures–since remedied–creating a lot of unnecessary condensation that messed up the chocolate coating….bastards. They tasted great though).


Chocolate Stout Cupcakes (these are very rich chocolate cupcakes). I can’t say enough good things about combining chocolate and stout, mmmm.


These are the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Cinnamon Icing. If you’re wondering why they are sitting on a bed of chopsticks, it’s because we don’t actually have a cooling rack, and this is what I devised to sort of mimic one. I love improvisation.

Great, now I want some cupcakes….

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  1. Now that, is a lot of cupcakes. I may have to get that book for Cool Scientist Friend —- she’s an awesome cook.

    Are they overpoweringly sweet? Or more on the harsher zesty side? (I’m not so much on the sweet stuff — it’s dark chocolate for me all the way!)


  2. Sisyphus: I’m not the best judge of sweetness because I have a crazy sweet tooth, but I would say that the chocolate stout are more of a rich chocolate than a sweet chocolate. And there is a green tea cupcake to try as well. I can say that my husband loved them all, and he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth.


  3. Those all look yummy. Now I have to go and find something sweet to eat! 🙂 I need to find that cookbook I think!


  4. Danielle: Baking is a great way for me to relieve stress, so I’m in love with this cookbook right now! 😉


  5. Posted by Queen Mother on October 6, 2007 at 7:14 am

    I agree that those cupcakes look great. You may want to put that on my Christmas list – you know the way I love cookbooks. My question is – Do they have Green and Gold Cupcakes that look scrumptious in honor of the team that Rocks. I think it would be fitting if you could bake up a batch and serve them to Apparent Dip in anticipation of the Packers beating the Bears!!!. He might need a little soothing after the whomping that I am sure will occur. Sorry Apparent Dip. I the Queen Mother love you to death but I am afraid that there is little hope for the orange and blue (make that black and blue) Bears.


  6. Queen Mother: Hmmm, there are green tea cupcakes, but I’m going to have to see if I can tweak some to make them represent the greatest football team in the world. I could always make the mint chocolate cupcakes and instead of making all of the frosting green, I could make half gold, and then do green and gold candies on top. Poor Apparent Dip…


  7. I’m not sure Queen Mother should be anticipating christmas gifts after an unprovoked attack like that! Hopefully this Sunday the Bears will make you all search for recipes for humble pie!


  8. Posted by Queen Mother on October 8, 2007 at 6:55 am

    I the Queen Mother would like to acknowledge that perhaps the Bears can actually play a little football. But let me make this clear I am not groveling. Queen Mothers never grovel. However, that humble pie does sound good right now! Do you have a recipe for that in your book?


  9. I think you can find a good recipe for humble pie in the “Chicago Cubs Cookbook”, I’ve had to look it up once again this year. As far as the game goes, I’d like to personally thank the Packers coaching staff for one of the worst coached quarters I’ve ever seen, down by 7 with two minutes to go and one timeout and an 8 yard pass up the middle is even an option?


  10. Queen Mother: I had to leave the room near the end, I was getting a bit too vaklempt…with anger.

    Thermochronic: I don’t think you can even say that the 4th quarter was “coached.” That sounds too positive a spin for one of the most craptastic quarters EVER!!!!


  11. As a Bear’s fan who saw the 4th quarter against the Lions last week, where the Bears surrendered 34 points, the most in NFL history, I have to say that Packers collapse was no where near as ginormous. Also, as Bear’s fan, I am glad when they had the ball with 1:30 to go on their half the the field and only one timeout that they continued to dump short passes over the middle, it made the ending less stressful for me.


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