Eye Candy… (food and cat edition)

I have utterly failed when it comes to accomplishing the tasks I set for myself this weekend. I’ve been knitting instead of reading (must change that) and I’ve let Apparent Dip do most of the painting. And cleaning? Hah!

But…I did make Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes yesterday from the ever-tasty Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. They are our favorites so far:


The tops are rather fragile, and mine did indeed collapse. But when the world gives you collapsed cupcake tops, I say: make chocolate ganache!  Mmmmm….


These are incredibly rich, and oh so tasty (and in my illogical world, I like to think that “vegan cupcakes” means “healthy, calorie-less cupcakes”). The ganache started running on this one, so we had to eat it right away (bummer).

Lest you think everyone in my household was as lazy as I was yesterday, I can assure you that our youngest cats spent most of their day vigilantly guarding the house against the biker gang of sparrows that likes to hang out on our front yard:


Their work never ends (the oldest kitty did spend most of the day sleeping, but hey, somebody has to, right?). Ok, enough of the silliness…I’m off to do some actual work now (I swear).

9 responses to this post.

  1. OH YUM. I think the ganache was the perfect touch, and you’d never know it wasn’t an intentional part of the recipe.


  2. Thanks! These smelled exactly like a mexican hot chocolate from my favorite cafe in the SF Bay area, so it was a real treat to make! 🙂


  3. The cupcakes look great! Kind of envious, because I wanted to try some of the vegan cupcakes recipes last month, only to find out my oven died on me.


  4. Am I turning color blind or this site used to be red?


  5. Dark Orpheus: Thanks! They taste divine, so I hope your oven comes back to life soon!

    Mandarine: You’re not color blind–I’m just capricious. The site was red, but I get bored very, very easily, so I thought I’d go for an autumnal green.


  6. Posted by mother-in-law on September 17, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    I like the green.


  7. Mother-in-law: Thanks! I also thought that this lay-out was a bit easier on the eyes for general reading purposes. Plus, I can change the colors on a whim, which makes me happy.


  8. Oh wow those cupcakes look really really tasty. (Gee, I come here looking for posts in regards to the RIP challenge, and end up craving chocolate.)


  9. Courtney: There will be more cupcakes in the future! And I figured that as I’ve not been keeping up very well with Dracula I’d try the old bait and switch…who knows, perhaps someone will come to my site for a chocolate craving in the future and leave craving Russian literature? 🙂


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