Perhaps not the brightest idea…

…to read Dracula at night before bed. But at the same time, it’s deliciously creepy, and that’s the whole point of the R.I.P. II Challenge, no? I’m really enjoying the book so far, and I’m intrigued by the form(s) that Stoker is using to tell the tale (i.e. journal entries and notes supposedly transcribed from shorthand…). I can’t help but be drawn into the story on a deeper level (and the academic in me loves it when people play with the form of the novel). Quite a good read so far, and I even managed to fall asleep afterward (although, truth be told, I’m not that far along so hopefully I’ll be able to hold the nightmares at bay).


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  1. Ooooooooo! This sounds good! Dracula is one of the September/October selections over at Our Coffee Rings. I’m looking forward to reading it even more now!


  2. Heather: I look forward to hearing what you think about it! I’m hoping that the more analytical/academic side of my brain can kick in when things get too creepy for me but right now, I’m just having fun with it. I’m hoping to read some analyses of the book as I found the introduction to my Barnes and Noble edition interesting as well. Happy reading!


  3. Awesome! I’m only reading my R.I.P. choices when the sun’s down; I think it makes it creepier. 🙂 I have the B&N edition of Dracula as well, but I didn’t read the intro (I hate reading intros before I”ve read the book), so I’ll have to go back and check it out.


  4. Great, I’m reading Dracula too! I think I’ll start it tonight!


  5. Dracula is such an amazing, wonderful novel. I am envious of all of your virginal experiences with it…though I must say that my enjoyment of it even after multiple, multiple, multiple rereads only increases.


  6. Note: I tried to respond to comments yesterday, and wordpress was being mean to me. So here goes:

    Eva: I actually had to force myself to stop reading Dracula last night because it was getting too creepy. I think reading it just before bed really adds to the tension…and I love it!

    LK: I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it. I find I have to hold myself back, to keep from reading ahead to see what happens…

    Carl: This is definitely one book I will look forward to reading again and again! There are so many details that I feel like I’m missing if only because I’m anxiously tearing along! Thanks for the challenge–I probably would not have read this in the near future without it, and I would have missed out!


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