September reading goals

I thought I would make a list of the books I want to try to get to in the month of September (because lists keep me sane).  This way I have a decently defined goal to measure myself up against when the month is over (or, I can conveniently forget all about it when the 30th rolls around…)

The need for a list is compounded by my insatiable desire to pile on the reading challenges.  So, without further ado, here are September’s reads:

  1. Dracula ~ Bram Stoker (R.I.P. II Challenge)–the other option was Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho, but I’m trying to be realistic.  Radcliffe might have to wait until I have a bit more time on my hands.
  2. The Wide Sargasso Sea ~ Jean Rhys (Unread Authors Challenge)–I’m (re)reading Jane Eyre this semester for one of my classes, so I thought this would be a good choice.
  3. Of Human Bondage ~ W. Somerset Maugham (Outmoded Authors Challenge)–I’ve wanted to read this for quite some time.
  4. Oblomov ~ Ivan Goncharov–This is for my own personal challenge to read a lot of Russian literature (have I mentioned that I can’t wait for the new translation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace?)
  5. The Woman Who Waited ~ Andrei Makine (Slaves of Golconda)
  6. IF I should be so lucky as to want to read yet another book, I think I’ll be going with Nathan Englander’s The Ministry of Special Cases.  I picked it up at the library and I loved the beginning so much that I might just have to buy this one (and his short stories as well).

On top of the challenge reading, I have course reading to do.  Just to organize myself, here are the novels I’ll be getting to in September:

  1. Caleb Williams ~ William Godwin (course on the Romantic Era Novel–hereafter REN)
  2. Adeline Mowbray ~ Amelia Opie (REN)
  3. Middlemarch ~ George Eliot (19th c. reading group)
  4. Vanity Fair ~ W. M. Thackeray (19th c. British literature course)–I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago–so I won’t have to read this one quite so diligently
  5. various excerpts/articles/poems and the like

Looks like I’ll have my hands full!  I quite like being this busy–I always manage to be more efficient when I’m scheduled to the hilt.  Wish me luck!

6 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, do tell how your novel courses are going, when you get there! The Romantic novel course sounds wonderful, and I wish I could have taken such a thing!


  2. Dorothy: I definitely will. We had the first week of classes last week and I can already tell that this is going to be a fantastic semester. Not only do I love the courses themselves, but the professors are some of the best I’ve had yet. I’ll keep you posted!


  3. I have a notebook that I write down reading suggestions in. I also will keep a monthly list of books that I want to read and then actually read. I don’t always stick to it, but I like lists, too.


  4. Danielle: I really should start carrying a notebook around, it would make life so much easier. Right now I end up overwhelmed with book titles and can never remember them when I need to! 🙂


  5. Oh-I love reading lists! Mine for September are up as well. 🙂

    Good luck with all of your reading…it looks like fun!


  6. That is certainly a full reading schedule! Best of luck! Am cheering you on!


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