Outmoded Authors Challenge

Outmoded Authors Challenge

Because I’m hopelessly optimistic, I decided to take on a second reading challenge for the next six months (the first challenge is the Unread Authors Challenge, see here and here). The Outmoded Authors Challenge, sponsored by Imani, sounded intriguing, and because there are no set number of books/authors to read, it might, just might, be feasible. The “rules” are as follows:

The final list of outmoded authors is completed and we’re ready to go on September 1st 2007. The idea behind this challenge is to give some needed attention to authors who have fallen by the way side. While one may assume that all on the list produced works of the highest quality, a few may turn out to be historical curiosities, and that’s alright too. “Timeless” works aren’t the only ones that can prove to be pleasurable reads. The challenge will last for six months and end on February 28th 2008. During that time you may choose to read however many books by however many authors you like. Membership will be open to all, including those who don’t have a blog, until January 31st 2008.

For more info and a chance to see other participants’ lists, you can go to the blog. I have decided to select authors that I would like to read more of, but I’m not going to select specific works just yet (or ever, I might just read whatever seems appealing at any given moment). Here are the authors I think look particularly intriguing:

  1. Dawn Powell (the Library of America has a two volume set of her novels)
  2. G.K. Chesterton (Father Brown mysteries, The Man Who Was Thursday)
  3. John Galsworthy (The Forsyte Saga–I have long been tempted by this)
  4. W. Somerset Maugham (I have a collection of 5 of his novels, so I’ll start there)
  5. Olivia Manning (my library has both The Balkan Trilogy and The Levant Trilogy so I requested them both)

As a side-note, all of these authors count as unread authors as well for me. I have now requested so many books from the library that I do believe they will have a whole section dedicated just to my reserves!

On another note, I have finally finished organizing my books! All grand plans flew out the window as I encountered the dangerously tottering piles, so I have gone with the well-used fall back of alpha by author. I divided fiction from non-fiction, and then non-fiction was subdivided into the following categories: general, Russian studies, Jewish studies, Lit-Crit/Books-on-books/essays. I’ll post pictures soon (I love looking at other people’s libraries, so I’m making the assumption that other people do as well). Oh, and I’m quite proud because I even left a space for my future copy of the new translation of War and Peace. Here’s to thinking ahead!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Can’t help noting: “I even left a space for my future copy of the new translation of War and Peace”

    I’m waiting anxiously for the Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhovsky translation of War and Peace. Is this the version you’re waiting for?


  2. Dark Orpheus: That is most definitely the version I’m waiting for. I love the Pevear/Volokhonsky translations–October 16th (the release date) can’t come soon enough!


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