In which I am a liar….and other randomness

So….no poetry yesterday. I keep forgetting to bring the book with me to work (which is where I tend to post). Here’s to hoping that I’ll remember to post the poem this afternoon.

Yesterday was an all-around crappy day, but I’m thinking that today will be much better. In the first place, the weather is absolutely beautiful. Now that I live closer to the university, I can enjoy walking in every day. I missed being able to walk everywhere. Our old apartment was actually on a highway (just a very busy street) and there wasn’t much of a neighborhood feel to the place. In our new place, we’ve already been to a backyard cookout and met most of the people living on our street. It’s a wonderful feeling. My goal for this afternoon is to finish unpacking the two remaining boxes that are solely my responsibility and then relax with my knitting or a book on the front porch with some iced tea.

I’m attempting to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) for the first time and I’m not sure how this is going to work. I’m someone who likes to have a plan, or, when knitting, a pattern that I can conceptualize from beginning to end (I’ve mentioned that I’m borderline OCD right?). After three hours of trying to chart things, etc yesterday, I was no further along to understanding how this thing works (in any detailed sense–I get it on a basic level) and my brain hurt. I’ve heard other bloggers mention that you just have to have faith that it will work in the long run. So I’m powering on, conceptualizing be damned!

In reading news, I realized that I have not given myself a break from school reading for much of the summer. I’ve been spending so much time reading ahead for the coming semester, that I haven’t taken the time to read any books just for the heck of it. Dorothy at Of Books and Bicycles recently read and reviewed Susan Ferris’s Marriage, and it sounds appealing. But so does my new translation of Goncharov’s Oblomov (which would give me a start on reading some Russians). I also have a book waiting for me at the library: Natalie Danford’s Inheritance. Nextbook describes the work as follows:

In Natalie Danford’s debut novel, the psychological thriller Inheritance, Olivia Bonocchio discovers a key and a 50-year-old deed to an Italian villa among her late father Luigi’s possessions. When she travels to Urbino, her father’s hometown, to find the property, she discovers not just the history of the house—it once belonged to a family named Levi, who entrusted it to Luigi during World War II in an attempt to skirt Mussolini’s race laws—but some unsettling truths about her father’s past.

It sounds like an intriguing read that is not just a thriller, but a book about the ways in which families mythologize their own past.  Moreover, I’m intrigued by books that discuss Italy during the Second World War (particularly the Jewish population there).  Mary Doria Russell’s A Thread of Grace was wonderful and left me looking for more.  So perhaps I’ll make an early trip to the library to get it as we will be missing our usual day on Saturday (to travel).

Ok, this post is rather a hodge podge of thoughts, so it’s time to get back to work…


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