Where’s the floor?

So, I failed at posting my poetry…in time for the summer poetry challenge that is.  Because moving got in the way (pesky boxes!), I’m going to continue posting the poems I chose, but it might have to wait until this weekend when our friendly cable person shows up between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight to set up our internet.  In the meantime, I’m trying to unpack my way out of a corner.  Who knew that two people, three cats, and a bunny could collect this much stuff?  Well, ok, I guess the cats and the bunny don’t really go out to the store much so they can’t carry the blame (for everything), and we do have the genetic markers for being packrats, but I swear the animals DO hypnotize us and convince us to buy them an amazing number of useless toys and catnip mice.  The menagerie is settling in well, and they are having a great time exploring the jungle of boxes and bags.

In the meantime, Apparent Dip and I are stopping by and working for a bit, and I’m taking a moment to catch up on my blog reading.  It’s amazing how much I miss in just two days! So bear with the random posts for a bit, I’ll be back soon….

3 responses to this post.

  1. Get back to work, unpack my things! Make me dinner! Why aren’t you unpacking?


  2. I for one will look forward to those poems whenever you get around to it. Moving – yuck.


  3. Ted: I’m hoping that I will have internet this weekend (and a desk cleared away to type on) and then I can post those poems! So hopefully I’ll have some more up by the end of Sunday…


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