ooooh, a new toy

I am facing the fact that I have to move in less than a week and the packing?…Well, let’s just say that I’m still convinced that the boxes will fill themselves (talk about optimism!). Moreover, I am faced with the knowledge that my summer is dwindling and I haven’t accomplished much of anything. In order to counter my apparent lethargy, then, I made my way over to Library Thing, read through the comments on the grad student group, and discovered a new toy! My own personal wiki! Now I love any new tool or gadget that promises to make me more efficient, change my life, etc. Let’s face it: I am a product whore. I am an advertiser’s dream. Put something in fancy packaging, promise me the world, and I’m there! Apparent Dip believes that I should find a way to get a job test-driving software and organizational tools, because I love to try them. While I may never actually be organized, I do know the ins and outs of Endnote, Bookends (my current favorite), Nota Bene, and a myriad of other programs. At least I can look organized.

So, instead of reading ahead for the coming semester, ordering books for my classes, revising the two papers on my desk, or researching a new project, I made my way over to and got myself a free version to try out. So far, it’s interesting. I can’t tell for sure if using wikis will be helpful in my research or not, because, well…I’d actually have to do some research instead of playing around with software. And where’s the fun in that?


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  1. “I am a product whore”…that made me laugh out loud!


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