Oh, I am a Nerd

You know you’re a nerd when you are giddy with excitement because of this:

Yes, it’s the new translation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky and it’s due to be published on October 16th (they are some of my favorite translators). And I’m going to pre-order it. It’s all I could do to restrain myself from jumping up and down and clapping like a giddy idiot. Just another sign that grad school is the place for me!


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  1. Posted by Wendy on July 17, 2007 at 9:40 pm

    I’m a nerd with you! I can’t wait to get this book 🙂


  2. Posted by Loose Baggy Monster on July 17, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    wendy: glad to know I’m not alone! It helps that the cover is quite pretty as well–I’m rather shallow when it comes to judging books by their covers 🙂


  3. LOL – I like the cover too…pretty covers can always sway me, but in this case I don’t even care! I like your new blog – does this mean you will no longer be posting on the old one?


  4. Wendy: I’ve decided to leave the other blog behind. It will be up for a while (who knows, perhaps forever!), but I’ll be posting to this one from now on. And the only way that this version of W&P could be better is if it has rough-cut pages (my other weakness!)-lol


  5. Okay – I will “remove” your old one from my bloglines and add this one in its stead!


  6. I LOVE Russian lit, but haven’t ventured into War and Peace yet. I might have to add this one to my TBR–probably for next year.


  7. 3M: I read W&P almost 10 years ago (for my senior thesis in college–which shall stay firmly locked in a filing cabinet) and it’s about time to revisit it I think! This new translation comes at a good time–I definitely recommend it, as Tolstoy is one of my favorite writers!


  8. !!!! I didn’t even know about this! So exciting!


  9. Dewey: I can hardly wait for it. W&P holds a special place in my heart and I have thoroughly enjoyed the other translations that Pevear and Volokhonsky have done in the past. There is another edition of W&P that is supposedly coming out in the fall as well: it’s “supposedly” the first version (and is significantly shorter, lacking many of the philosophical asides). I’m not sure how I feel about it–from a “book history” perspective I find it interesting, but I think I prefer the longer version…


  10. I am super, super excited over this as well. Right now I have the Constance edition, but I adore Pevear-Volokhnosky. In fact, I collect them they way I do w/ my favourite authors. I was also a Russian major in college, so I feel that my excitement is kinda justified. 🙂 I’ve read excerpts in the original (more of Anna Karenina), but since my other major was international relations, my Russian is more equipped to read newspapers than classic lit (v. different vocab). I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets excited over translators!


  11. Eva: Hooray for another Russian major! I have W&P in Russian, but my vocabulary has largely left me, so I have to work really, really hard to read it. But it’s something I’m hoping to get back. I don’t know if you’ve read the David Remnick article about the Peavear-Volokhonsky translations, but it was fascinating (it’s in his book “Reporting” I think). And I so need to start collecting all of the books they’ve translated…


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