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Yesterday I had to do a bit of research for a professor of mine, and as I wandered through the stacks on the fifth floor of my university’s hideously ugly library, I realized: I feel at home. I love that feeling. Like a well-used neural pathway, my trips to the library invariably take me to the literature section and I find myself just wandering up and down the stacks, not really looking for anything, just taking in the feeling of comfort exuding from the spines of books I will most likely never have time to read. It’s always a good thing when I start to feel territorial about “my section” in the library. My only question: why are so many libraries on college campuses so ugly? Why can’t they all look more like this:

This was the reading room at my last university. It was a veritable cathedral of learning. I loved this room. And to get there you climbed this:

You could almost feel yourself getting smarter. Such a beautiful building.

Ahhh, libraries.

Speaking of which, I’ve mentioned how much I love my little, friendly local public library branch, and today was no exception. The librarian was actually disappointed that I had no books on hold today! I broke even today as I returned four and picked up four (not bad). So here’s this week’s haul:

That should tide me over for a bit!


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  1. Posted by Danielle on July 9, 2007 at 10:23 pm

    As someone who works in an academic library–I concur–why are so many of them unattractive? Mine has ugly orange carpeting–ack! It was built in the 70s! We are slowly being renovated, so there is hope in sight. By the way–I just read Fingersmith and it was GREAT! You must read it soon!!


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