oooooh, lists!

So Pour of Tor over at Sycorax Pine had a link to a site where you can create lists and check things off as you go. I love it! I jumped right in and started my list for summer reading, but it’s still in progress and woefully inadequate when it comes to American authors (and poetry–I’m terrible with poetry). Click here, or mosey over to my sidebar and take a look at it–if you have any other suggestions for books to read, please let me know. I’m well aware that there is no way on earth I will finish all of these this summer, but this is the best summer reading list ever and it’s one that will carry over far into the year. I’m deliberately leaving some titles off because I know I will be reading them in the fall, and some of the titles on the list are not as urgent because I’ll be re-reading them. But it’s a start, and I get to play with lists…have I mentioned that I love lists?

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  1. Posted by MyUtopia on June 5, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    oooh…new toy!


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