reading update

I’ve been something of a bad blogger lately, which I blame solely on the weather. It’s been so beautiful outside that I’ve transitioned into summer vacation mode, despite the fact that I am not on vacation, that it’s not quite summer, and I still have a bajillion things I should be doing. Time to pull myself out of lala land and get a move-on with the work that needs to be done.

I’ve also been distracted lately by other hobbies, namely knitting. Even though wool and summer weather would not seem to mix, this is the time of year when I could easily spend an entire day working on a number of fiber arts projects. I need to weave dish towels and I’m knitting some projects for my cousin’s twins and my nephew-to-be (because these are gifts, I can’t put the pictures up until I finish them). I think I need to invest in a few books-on-tape so that I can kill two birds with one stone. Although, I am supremely picky about the books I listen to. I’ve purchased a few where the voices were so distracting that I couldn’t actually finish listening to them. Perhaps it would be easier to add extra hours to the day? (note: I have also been distracted by two books–otherwise known as “brain candy”–that are soooo flimsy and light, that I can’t bring myself to put them on my list of books I have read).

Over at A Work in Progress, Danielle mentioned that she tends to have a number of books going at once, but has to delineate a couple that she is reading in earnest. I found myself nodding along at that. I currently have something like 10 books checked out from the library, and I am supposed to be reading my May selection for the Nonfiction Five challenge, I should at least attempt a NYT challenge book, I need to read The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford for the Slaves of Golconda, I’m only halfway through Swann’s Way, and Cervantes has been neglected (which is incredibly unfair as I find Don Quixote delightful to read). In the meantime, there are so many books that keep calling out to me! I find that my life has recently taken on the tone of a poorly organized paper: there’s so much to say, but where the hell is the thesis statement!?

In an effort to organize the paragraphs of my time, then, it’s time to reorganize, to use the cut-and-paste option before I wake up to find that it’s August, a new semester is starting, and all of my well-laid plans (ok, half-baked plans) have come to naught. I found that breaking my school reading into smaller segments really worked for me, so perhaps it’s time to apply that to the hours of my day more generally….(when I work this out, I will no doubt inflict my new schedule on you, my poor readers, if you haven’t walked away by then).

In the meantime, I think I should read more blogs….yeah, that will totally motivate me to do more work….

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