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After my last post, I managed to whittle my choices down to five books to carry with me (four fiction and one biography). Space/weight issues weren’t a problem as we took the train to Washington D.C., but I am ashamed to note that I barely read a single book. Well, that’s not completely true: I did read another 100 pages of Proust’s Swann’s Way (which I am thoroughly enjoying. I’ll have a post on this a bit later, after I can gather my thoughts). He has one of the best descriptions of reading that I have ever come across.

But I only bought one additional book in D.C. (although I did splurge and buy some silk yarn for a lacy scarf). Not bad! (Although I should be buying yarn for baby projects: my cousin will soon be a mom as will my sister-in-law–I have my work cut out for me!).

So, sorry this isn’t a substantial post, more are to come, I promise. Right now Apparent Dip and I are trying to regain our footing. Even though we were only gone for five days it seems like we were away for much longer! So back to work I go….

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  1. Posted by Danielle on May 15, 2007 at 9:32 am

    I always think big when it comes to vacations and travelling. I always take more books than I can possibly read! Still 100 pages of Proust sounds pretty good! I want to read him–so many people have been talking about him. Maybe that will be my big project for next year!


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