For your amusement….

My husband, Mr. Loose Baggy Monster-with-a-different-last-name-and-no-hair (aka Apparent Dip) has inspired me with his recent post on the Onion‘s humorous “insights” into the world of science. I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon in the selfless pursuit of finding headlines that pertained to literature/books and grammar and found a few gems that I thought I should share with you. (ok, so this wasn’t selfless at all, as it sure beats the heck out of working, and I can count this toward my weekly goal of hours spent procrastinating…)

For those of you who regularly find yourself grimacing as you grade undergraduate papers (or for those of you grimacing as you write said papers), I offer you this: Freshman Term Paper Discovers Something Totally New about Silas Marner. One of my personal favorites is the article entitled Heroic Computer Dies to Save World from Master’s Thesis. I know I sometimes wish my computer had been so selfless when it came to my undergraduate honors thesis, but it was not to be (instead I’ve buried the paper in a file somewhere, hoping it will get lost in the general clutter that is my office). Also on the academic front, for those of you who feel that too many college undergraduates don’t give their all in their classes, here’s a touching story about a Girl Moved to Tears By Of Mice and Men Cliffs Notes. You see! They do care…

On another note, perhaps you are worried that you have so many books that you’ve started using your piles as furniture. In this case, you might be inspired by this: Great Books of Western Civilization Used To Accent Den. I personally felt reassured at my own inability to finish books by this lovely article: Area Man Well-Versed in First Thirds of Great Literature. And for those of you who have ever felt that a book did not fulfill its initial promise of transporting you to another place and/or time, take heart, as this article provides conclusive evidence that Books Don’t Take You Anywhere.

I had such a good time looking for these articles, that I think I might make this a regular feature of the blog (say once a month or so). I hope you enjoy them as much as I did…


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