And the book fort grows…

It’s time to report on my book gains for the week (sigh). Here goes:

I only have two more books on my hold list at the library, so I’m hoping that I will finally finish something before I get any more books. My copy of Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun is due soon, so I’m hoping to finish that this week and FINALLY review something. I’m not a slow reader, but my coursework has limited my reading time (well, that and my amazing ability to get distracted by every other book under the sun). I will probably achieve most of my challenge reading during the summer months, once my courses are finished. Until then, I will continue to plug away at the alarmingly huge piles decorating the floor of my bedroom, living, and dining rooms. My husband has even taken to building a book fort around his desk as well, although those are the books that I have decided to part with (sadly, I assure you) as we just don’t have room for them all. (Ah the joys of apartment living–although, I expect that space is something like money: you never have enough of it, especially when one is a bibliophile).

Blogwise, stay tuned in breathless anticipation: there will be an additional post today with funny articles pertaining to books and grammar, and there might even be a third with my updated NYT challenge book list (whew! three posts in one day, I must really be hurting for some procrastination excuses!). And now, I’m off to make some coffee, to fortify myself for the massive amount of reading I have taken on….

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