Adventure…in which thy intrepid explorer/ph.d. wannabe sets forth across the frozen tundra of campus to lay claim to her course reader…

…and verily did she use said reader as a bodily shield against the snow and the wind that sought to hinder her progress and discourage her from her mission.

Sorry about that, but I’ve been reading William Bradford’s “Of Plimmoth Plantation” for class and it gets to me after a while (especially when I’ve had waaaaaay too much coffee). Although, I do love chapter headings that advertise the contents to come. I find it rather nice of the authors to provide me with a summary of what I can expect–it’s nice to know what you’re getting into (or what you might want to avoid altogether).

I have also finalized and updated my list of 20 books to read for the NYT Notable Fiction of 2006 Challenge. And that’s it! no more! I have to draw the line somewhere….

I am still thinking about my non-fiction selections however. After looking over my initial selections and alternates, I decided that I wasn’t taking the “challenge” part of the challenge seriously enough. This is an opportunity for me to break out of the confines of my usual non-fiction reading and really try something new (although hopefully nothing too exciting that might convince me to change my field of study yet again…..). That said, here are some other non-fiction titles I’m considering. I’m leaning more to the sciences for a number of reasons: 1) for those who remember my misguided undergraduate years, I was both a geology and a Russian major for a period of time, and I like to dip back into science once in a while 2) as many of you know, I’m a rather competitive person (but in a nice, friendly way, I swear), and I would like to claim that I’ve read as many (or more) science related books than my husband, the scientist 3) it’s a nice counter-balance to all of the humanities reading I do.

So here are more titles under consideration:

  1. “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene
  2. “Warped Passages” by Lisa Randall
  3. “In Code: A Mathematical Journey” by Sarah Flannery
  4. “Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries” by Neil de Grasse Tyson (isn’t that a great title?)

If anyone has other suggestions (in any field, not just science and history) let me know!

I think I’m finally starting to thaw……


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